Always On The Go? Try This Quick and Easy Meal

Membership at MakeOffices means more than just a desk or an office to park your laptop. It means having a place where your work environment can supplement a healthy lifestyle, where you are part of an inclusive, supportive community, and where you genuinely feel happy to come to work every day. For those with busy schedules, it’s difficult to make these factors a priority no matter how important they are.

6 Simple Ways to Increase Productivity at Work this Summer

It’s especially difficult to stay on track with deadlines and business goals during the summer months. Upcoming vacation plans can easily hijack concentration and thoughts of being outside can thwart your efforts to get work done. If you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone. In fact, a Captivate Network study indicated that workplace productivity decreases by 20% in the summer and employees are 45% more distracted.