4 Reasons Why Coworking Is Good For Your Business

Posted January 5, 2016 by office

Coworking is the new way to work that is giving startups, freelancers, and businesses large and small a different office experience that caters to the modern workforce. You no longer have to buy a cup of coffee every hour at a coffee shop just to use the WiFi, or keep a remote team to save on office costs.

Here are the top 4 reasons why coworking makes good sense for your business.


Coworking requires very little investment upfront, and you don’t have to worry about maintaining an office space. For an affordable monthly rate, you have access to turnkey office space, including fast WiFi, conference rooms, meeting rooms, call rooms, printing, copying, scanning. Really, it’s the office infrastructure you need to grow your business.

Most coworking communities also have an array of amenities, including free coffee, wine, beer, purified water, gym use, 24/7 access. Just come in power up the laptop, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and get to work! Keep your overhead low and spend your time growing your business.


Most coworking communities offer month-month leases, not long-term commitments that eat up your capital. Just got a new customer and need to hire a few more employees? No problem. Purchase just enough space for you and your team without a long-term lease, instead of investing in a large space for your company, much of which will go unused anyways.


No other work environment facilitates a way to network with like-minded professionals than coworking. You’ll meet people with different backgrounds and interests who work in a variety of industries. Most coworking spaces hold happy hours, host meetups, and give you many chances to meet your neighbors.

Even better, businesses can take advantage of the variety of the communal hustle atmosphere coworking facilitates. Need users to test a new product or idea? Trying to redesign your website? Looking to hire someone with a defined skill set? A coworking community usually consists of people who can help you solve problems. Who knows, you may just meet your next customer or investor at the coffee bar or networking event.


Employees are the lifeblood of any business. Deskmag published some statistics about people who cowork, including:

  • 71% reported a boost in creativity
  • 74% felt that they had increased their productivity since joining a coworking space
  • 70% felt healthier than they did working in a traditional office environment
  • 64% reported an improvement in completing tasks on time
  • 80% say they grew their business network
  • 38% reported higher incomes

The results are pretty telling: businesses that join a coworking community benefit from happier, and more productive, employees.

Once you decide that coworking is right for your business, there are a number of things to consider to determine which space would be a good fit. If you want to jumpstart your business in 2016, joining a coworking community could be one of the better business decisions you’ll make.