5 Reasons To Join A Coworking Space

Posted September 14, 2017 by Admin BigDrop

Coworking has become as a mainstay of the modern workforce, and has emerged an established alternative to the traditional office space. Companies of all stages and sizes have experienced the benefits of coworking, from keeping overhead low to a happier, collaborative, and more flexible work environment. The number of coworking spaces is expected to grow to about 26,000 by 2020. Even hotels and coffee shops are getting in on the coworking phenomenon.

We’ve put together an infographic highlighting five reasons to join a coworking space, and the impact it can have. Enjoy!

5 Reasons To Join A Co-Working Space


Reason #1: Create Opportunities to Grow Your Business

Looking to meet new customers? Get help solving a challenging business problem? Or just want to grow your network? By joining a coworking space, you’ll have the opportunity to do all three, and more.

Coworking spaces create an unmatched opportunity for you to grow your business. You’ll meet others who work across industries and in different functions. You can learn from their experiences, leverage their expertise to build you a new website or even get some feedback an idea. By sharing the floor with hundreds of other businesses looking to grow, you can meet new customers, quickly.

Reason #2: Save Money & Keep Your Overhead Low

It’s tough to know where your business will be in a few years, so why commit to office space long-term? At a coworking space, you can ditch the long-term lease! Coworking spaces give you the month-to-month, flexible terms you deserve, so you’re no longer wasting money on overhead or paying for more space than you need. Instead, use that money to improve your product or hire additional staff.

Reason #3: Get Turnkey, Move-in Ready Workspaces

By joining a coworking space, you get furnished, move-in ready workspaces with the infrastructure you need, including fast WiFi, 24/7 access, conference room hours, unlimited printing/copying/scanning, conference room hours, private call booths, and more.

You’ll also get all-inclusive amenities, including free coffee/tea/beer, massage chairs, and relaxation rooms.

Don’t worry about making more coffee or refilling the toner cartridge on the printer. A coworking space enables you to focus on growing your business, and not waste time managing an office space.

Reason #4: Be More Productive & Feel Happier

Coworking spaces are great for productivity and work-life balance. They help entrepreneurs and business owners feel more confident, get more out of their work day, and network with likeminded individuals. Here are some statistics that show the powerful effects coworking has:

  • 90% of coworkers report an increase in self-confidence
  • 70% reported they feel healthier
  • 71% say that joining a coworking space has increased their creativity
  • 68% are able to focus better while coworking

Reason #5: Make Connections and Build Lasting Relationships

Coworking spaces bring together like-minded individuals driven to succeed. You’ll meet people at the coffee bar or hosted networking events from different industries and companies who can contribute to growing your business, or who can introduce you to people who can. Unlike a networking event, you’ll be seeing these people regularly, which can lead you to build lasting relationships to help you drive your business forward.

There are many more reasons to join a coworking space than the five listed above. If you’re looking for a workspace option that sets your business up for success, keeps your overhead low, saves you time, and provides you with ideas and connections, all in an authentic and professional environment, you will not be disappointed by joining a coworking space.


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