Posted November 21, 2017 by Manu Aggarwal

We’re excited to partner with to integrate its Concept Foundry platform in our coworking spaces, enabling them to interconnect and extend their reach into innovation districts. Through our partnership, we will be able to connect local business, government and enterprise with the latest collaboration, marketing and AI technology to develop and grow our members’ businesses of all sizes.

“At MakeOffices, we’re delivering productive, collaborative coworking communities focused on giving our members the flexibility and resources they need to be successful. By combining MakeOffices with’s Concept Foundry platform, we will be able to create a hyper-connected ecosystem throughout all of our workspaces, enhancing our coworking experience while helping our members grow their businesses,” said Zach Wade, CEO at MakeOffices.

Concept Foundry is a collaboration platform, powered by and is changing how people and businesses work together. By merging technology, AI, and collaborative workspaces, we can create an innovation ecosystem for business growth for our members. MakeOffices will offer services that cater to the dynamics of agile young firms, paired with established enterprises with strong foundations, and forward-thinking education providers to create the ultimate environment for producing real-world solutions. The result is community driven innovation.

“Our partnership with MakeOffices will extend the Concept Foundry platform from our flagship location at Gramercy District in Loudoun County, Virginia through the north east all the way to Chicago,” said Minh Le, Chief Executive Officer of “MakeOffices is a perfect partner to fully utilize the potential of our smart-innovation district technology centered around a productivity-oriented spaces.”

We plan to launch the Concept Foundry platform in our Bethesda and flagship location at the Wharf by first quarter of 2018, with plans to expand to all MakeOffices locations by the end of 2018.

We’re excited to be able to develop community-driven innovation ecosystems powered by Concept Foundry technology in our coworking spaces. Stay tuned for more updates early next year on the service offerings we will be rolling out to our members.