Kickstarter CEO Talks Culture, Hiring, and the Need to Create at MakeOffices Chicago

Posted March 25, 2016 by office

Our recent Fireside Chat with Charles Adler, CEO and founder of Kickstarter at our Chicago coworking community in River North brought together a cross-section of professionals to hear how Kickstarter grew from an idea to an international phenomenon, and what the rest of us can learn from it. More than 125 Chicagoans stopped by our new coworking community at 350 N. Orleans to network, enjoy a cocktail, and think on company culture and the critical elements of hiring to make change in the world.

One of the major themes of the evening was the notion of culture in a startup and how it changes over time. Adler explained that the cultural impact is greater when the organization is young and small. When there are only a few employees, a new hire can greatly affect the culture. That impact become lessened as the company grows. For this reason, Adler considered “culture” and “fit” to be critical elements of the hiring process. In fact, hiring decisions can be more important than design decisions or business decisions.

These days, Adler is looking beyond Kickstarter to the Center of Lost Arts, a place where designers, artists, and other “makers” can collaborate on virtually anything in the real world. Bethel Habte of Medill School has an excellent story on the Center’s pop-up experiment back in 2015.

Big shout out to our friends at General Assembly for organizing the event, and to our fellow sponsors advisor.TV, YNPN Chicago, Foodseum, and the Chicago Design Museum.

These ideas of culture and collaboration resonate with the MakeOffices team. Since the beginning, we have helped companies prioritize culture and collaboration within all of our communities. And much like Adler’s Center of Lost Arts, we pride ourselves on creating spaces where work gets done, goals are reached, things are made.

What can we say? Great minds think alike.