The Evolving Workspace

Posted November 14, 2017 by Manu Aggarwal

On November 14th at MakeOffices brand new coworking space in Philadelphia, we partnered with NAIOP, the nations’s leading commercial real estate organization, to discuss the evolving workplace. From open office and hot desking to coworking and the decline of the long-term lease, it is no secret that where we work, how we work, and the real estate supporting our work is changing.

Our CEO Zach Wade joined other industry experts including Lauren Gilchrest, Director of Research at JLL, Jeff DeVuono, Executive Vice President and Senior Managing Director at Brandywine, Michael Morris, Prinicipal at CANADev that examined these evolving trends and provided attendees with insight into the long-term future of the office.

Zach spoke about how no longer providing just an office, or place to work is enough, and how landlords could create mixed use experiential offices to provide more value to their tenants. One example is a building that combined retail, coworking, and a town hall type setup to create an ecosystem of connectedness and a one-stop-shop that results in win-win for both the landlord and the tenants.

He also mentioned some interesting statistics on the current state of the workforce. Highlights include:

  • 18,000 businesses start in the US each day.
  • Currently, there are 28 millions small businesses in the US, and 22 million are self-employed.
  • In 5 years, only 50% of those businesses will exist.

The workplace is undergoing disruption, and we’re excited to be at the forefront to help determine its future.