How a Podcast Can Boost Your Business

Posted January 3, 2020 by Pete

With three fully equipped podcast studios, MakeOffices has the right setup for success

It’s time to give your brand a voice–and MakeOffices is making it easier than ever, with new professional recording suites for our members to enjoy! With our special podcast membership, you have unlimited hours in any of our dedicated podcast studio spaces–with state-of-the-art equipment, soundproofing, and editing software–at MakeOffices at Penn Ave and MakeOffices at the Wharf in Washington, DC, and our newest Philadelphia location, MakeOffices at The Bourse! You’ll have 24/7 access to recording space and gear with all the benefits of our hot desk membership,  including professional shared workspace, member networking events, and great amenities like wellness rooms and unlimited coffee.

Whether you’re putting together interviews for web content or hoping to produce the next Serial, our beautiful recording spaces are your first step. Wondering how a podcast could fit into your business plan? We have some guidance before you dive in!

Podcasting is the new blogging

What’s the first thing that potential clients do when they hear about you? Look up your website! You want a full suite of updated, engaging multimedia content to get them hooked, and since everyone has a different learning style, why not include audio content along with your web copy and stunning visuals?

This is where your podcast comes in. Hosting a podcast—or simply putting together a few well-produced audio clips to introduce your work—is one creative way for a small business to build trust with potential clients. Build your reputation and brand recognition in a new format, establish a relationship with your audience, or simply use your podcast as a stepping stool to do the kind of in-depth, authentic networking that really works—invite big names in your field into the studio for interviews!

Be your own advice columnist and offer tips and tricks to new talent! Try out your storytelling chops and give listeners the origin story of your business! There’s a million ways to get creative in front of a microphone.

A boon for your business at any size

Not every podcast needs to be This American Life—it’s okay if you don’t have the material or the bandwidth to produce a podcast every single week until the end of time! Once you’ve assessed your unique needs and the needs of your audience, you may decide the smartest goal is simply to create a limited series of evergreen content that you can present to new clients or showcase on your website as background for anyone interested in getting to know your brand. A well-crafted, limited-edition series can do more for your business than a never-ending audio project.

Before you start, do a little brainstorming, or ask your clients or customers directly—what would they like to hear about? What are their pain points? Why do you they turn to you for help? The answers might point you towards the best format for your message and give you some inspiration for episodes.

It takes a village

Anyone who has produced a podcast can tell you how much work it can be, from booking guests and editing scripts to distribution and marketing. But it doesn’t have to be a heavy lift on your end. First, you can always outsource the production and editing tasks to trusted producers who spin footage straw into audio gold for a living. Many of these teams charge reasonable rates for producing your podcast for you. Second, you can look for workshops or one-on-one tutoring sessions to get you acquainted with the equipment and skills you’ll need.

For example, our partnership between MakeOffices at The Wharf and member Goat Rodeo offers one free hour of audio instruction and troubleshooting for all MakeOffices podcast members. You can also check out Podcast Garage, part of PRX (Public Radio Exchange), the radio distributor that brings you hits like This American Life and The Moth Radio Hour—they offer classes and workshops on all aspects of podcasting, from interviewing techniques to how to make the perfect pilot.

Make it happen in the Make Studio

MakeOffices is your premier coworking space, and now you can access our special membership for podcast makers and creatives. You’ll have 24/7 access to soundproof recording space with broadcast microphones on swivel mount boom arms, headphones, and engineering station with Allen & Heath mixer and a desktop computer with Audacity editing software. Plus, you have three locations to choose from:

…and remember that your podcast membership includes access to all our other locations in Chicago, Philadelphia and Washington, DC! Let the creativity flow. Sign up today!

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