Why Large Companies Like Coworking Spaces

Posted December 4, 2017 by Manu Aggarwal

Thanks to their flexibility, collaborative environments, amenities, and scalability, coworking spaces often attract freelancers, smaller companies, and startups that don’t have the need or perhaps the capital for their own office. But as coworking spaces have grown in both profile and quantity, they’ve started seeing more interest from larger, enterprise-level companies that are used to more traditional office environments or their own spaces.

Such companies see the prospective benefits in shared environments and collaboration with other professionals, as well as the potential opportunity to flatten their internal hierarchy and break down walls between teams and employees. And there are more practical coworking benefits, including avoiding a large initial investment and precious time wasted in search of the perfect location.

The initial stereotype was that coworking was just for really young companies or startups, or for freelancers to come in and have a place to work. However, a lot of larger companies are seeing the benefits of joining a flexible, scalable workspace, where they’re not signing up for a long-term lease and outlaying that initial capital upfront. They also are experiencing increased productivity and innovation by collaborating and working with folks across industries and verticals that they would not necessarily be exposed to.

In addition to the cost savings, larger companies have come to view coworking as a retention tool. They now are able to offer their employees amenities, networking opportunities, and events, creating a unique workplace experience, they would not be able to get easily if they had their own office.

Joining a coworking space is ideal for getting a team up and running quickly or for a satellite office in a new city without an extensive build-out. If planning something more permanent elsewhere or are in the process of changing offices, a coworking space can provide an ideal rollover work location.

For larger companies looking for a flexible workspace solution that reduces overhead and the headaches of managing office while improving employee productivity and retention,  or that simply need some additional space, coworking can be a perfect solution.