LJM Glass Service Scales its Business In a Professional Environment

The Problem – Working From Home Wasn’t, Working

Luana Santos is the CEO of LJM Glass Service. When she came to the United States as an immigrant from Brazil, she quickly saw an opportunity in the construction industry to fill a gap with hiring skilled labor. Her clients are full-service glass companies who do not have the staff and resources to complete jobs. LJM Glass helps them by providing supplemental labor, while also finishing projects on time and on budget.

She initially started the business out of her house, and it was growing quickly. She needed to have a workspace where she could meet with others, interview candidates, and be easily accessible for clients and partners. Her home office was quickly not meeting her needs.

She tried two other shared office space companies. Regus was nice, but was very expensive. The environment was also too formal for her. She started with a virtual office at Intelligent Office, but left with a bad experience and didn’t want to continue. Luana decided it was time to look for another space.


LJM Glass Service is a staffing company for the construction industry and high-rise glass buildings.

The Solution – An Accessible Space With Amenities

She did a Google search online and found MakeOffices Clarendon. She became a member in April 2017, and hasn’t looked back. She is able to save $1,000/month on office space compared to Regus, valuable money she can invest in her growing business.

For Luana, it’s all about location, location, location. Being right on top of the Clarendon Metro stop on the Orange Line makes it extremely easy for her to meet with clients and partners. She also likes the environment here, as she is surrounded by other companies looking to build great businesses, and can network with them over a beer in the pantry after a long day.

“I can save more money by being here. The professional look-and-feel of the space creates the right impression for my clients. It makes me feel bigger than I really am, and I can pass the accountability test” 

Luana Santos
LJM Glass Service


The Results – Scaling Her Business in a Professional Environment

While saving money is important, Luana loves the professional design and atmosphre of MakeOffices. She is happy to bring clients and potential ones into the space to hold meetings. It validates her business and passes the accountability test, a factor she has to overcome being the CEO of a woman-owned, minority business.

She also likes the events, from lunch & learns to the happy hours where she can network with other business leaders. “I’d definitely recommend MakeOffices to a colleague. Professionalism matters, and you can find that here.”