Pivot Saves 52% on Overhead While Gaining Flexibiilty

The Problem – Overpaying For Unused, Unproductive Space

Trish Hoppy is the Fouding Partner at Pivot. She has over 20 years of experience developing winning messages for presidential, gubernatorial, issue advocacy, and membership campaigns. She helped start Pivot in 2010, and eventually found herself at an executive suites office space in Georgetown. Her team disliked the experience. In addition to the tough commute, the space was not built well. You could hear your neighbors easily, and it was very difficult to focus or have a private conversation, which really impeded the team’s ability to be productive.

They also were paying $18,000/month at the executive suites. A lot of the space was going unused as as the team needed to hire additional staff for only 6 months every 2 years during the height of campaign season. The combination of an expensive office suite with the inability to get work done resulted in the team being pretty unhappy. When their lease was up, they looked for other workspace options that could provide them with the productivity, privacy, and flexibility they needed.


Pivot is a voter communications firm specializing in providing direct mail and strategic guidance to progressive causes and candidates.

The Solution – A Workspace that’s Accessible, Professional, and Affordable

The Pivot team included coworking spaces as part of its workspace search. Given the previous experience, they were looking for a space that was accessible, had a professional appearance where they would be comfortable bringing in clients, and where they could get to work.

They toured other coworking space, and chose MakeOffices at K Street in Washington, DC as their home in early 2017. They found that MakeOffices just met their needs the best. It was in a great location in the heart of downtown Washington, DC, had a professional look-and-feel, came with private, lockable offices that added a sense of security, and allowed the team to scale up/down as needed. They also liked the environment and the authentic vibe of the space surrounded by other serious entrepreneurs, which was more welcoming, inclusive, and comfortable for a majority woman-owned business. Pivot now saves over 52% each month on overhead since joining MakeOffices, precious capital they can use to hire additional staff for a busy election cycle.


“In addition to the monetary benefit, my team is happy, and that has to do a lot with our experience being members here.”

Trish Hoppey
Founding Partner
The Pivot


The Results – The Flexibility to Add Space While Managing Cash Flow

MakeOffices has enabled the Pivot Group to manage their cash flow in a much better way. The company ramps up its staff every two years, and then drops back down to normal levels. By joining MakeOffices, they get the flexibility to add more space for their team during the busy part of campaign season, while not paying for extraneous space that goes unused. Said Trish, “MakeOffices creates a better sense of cash flow. We only need the added space for 6 months out of every 2 years, and we can manage our cash flow a lot easier.”