Potts Consulting Grows Business by 20% Since Joining MakeOffices

The Problem – Getting Out of a Sublease and Into a Flexible Office Space

Dennis Potts is an entrepreneur. He founded his consulting firm, aptly named Potts Consulting, and was subleasing office space at a law firm because he knew the firm’s partner. While the firm was accommodating, Dennis found it challengingto get a conference room to bring in clients for meetings. As the lease on the law firm’s space was about to end, Dennis had to find an alternative solution. He read an article in the local newspaper about a coworking space opening up in Bethesda, and decided to explore it further, along with other coworking spaces in the area.

Dennis’ two big decision factors were location and flexibility. He had to sign a long-term lease at the law firm where he was subleasing space, and that did not fit into his future business plans. He also wanted to join a company with a strong culture of supporting entrepreneurs that was interested in growing as well.

His decision came down to two options, Regus and MakeOffices. Dennis found Regus’ design to be pedestrian. He also thought the environment was highly structured, making it tough to meet others.


Potts Consulting is a commercial landscape management company and business consulting firm.

The Solution – A Collaborative Environment, Month-to-Month Lease, Accessible Location

Dennis chose MakeOffices as his workspace solution because he liked the way the collaborative design of the space, which made it more conducive to networking and meeting new people. As a consultant, he values his relationships with clients and often brings them in to hold meetings in the space. The feedback he gets from his clients once they see the space is very positive. In addition to the office being in a great location, his clients understand there is no excessive overhead cost that are associated with his consultant fees, as it relates to his office space. “Clients like the message that it sends. It resonates in multiple facets of your business. The perception of that is very important.”

Dennis has grown his consulting business over the last 10 years and has acquired many new clients in the Washington, DC metro area. Through the MakeOffices passport, he can go to other MakeOffices locations free of charge to be closer to his clients. “The ability to be flexible and hold meetings at other locations is huge for my business. It creates another platform to exponentially grow. If I get a call from someone in Philadelphia to meet, that’s not a problem for me anymore. MakeOffices enables me to establish a presence in a market where I’m not as familiar, but gives me access to an instant network in a new city.”


“Being around people who are fundamentally entrepreneurs pushes you in a positive way and develops your business acumen. That’s the collective brain trust that talks to you about your challenges and what you’re doing with them. There’s a value in deriving from their experiences.” 

Dennis Potts
Potts Consulting


The Results – Growing Revenue While Building Lasting Relationships

According to Dennis, MakeOffices has more than paid for itself. He met one of his biggest client’s over an organic interaction in the pantry. They met for a beverage the following day and discussed ways in which they can work together. “I attribute 20% of the growth in my business in a very short period of time just by being a member at MakeOffices.”

More than revenue growth, the real ROI of MakeOffices for Dennis has been the number of high-quality relationships he’s been able to build over the last 5 years. “The chance to connect with other entrepreneurs and talk about the problems they are facing has enabled me to become better at my business.”

Dennis also believes that MakeOffices has been a partner in growing his business. He likes the people he’s been able to meet who work at the company, and the service level the Community Managers have been able to provide. “They greet my clients and make them feel comfortable. Having your client get a positive, first impression has been huge for me.”